What People Say About Us

  • “I bring cars every year and I always look forward to Bloomington Gold. It’s the one thing in life you kind of always look forward to.” -Larry Gerig, Premier Corvette Collector
  • “We’ve been coming to Bloomington Gold show for over twenty years. We always look forward to it because it is the Granddaddy of Corvette shows. There’s always a good crowd, never disappoints us.” -Kent McCormick, Lone Star Caliper
  • “ I attended the first Bloomington in 1994…. and, no question about it, it’s the Granddaddy of Corvette events, and the premier event anywhere in the world." Jim Perkins, retired GM of Chevrolet, Great Hall Member 2013
  • “I’ve been coming to Bloomington Gold because it has the highest accreditation and judging processes for Corvette. I was lucky enough to get the Benchmark award!” -Terry Jamieson, Benchmark Corvette Owner
  • “This is probably the world’s best meeting point for us as a manufacturer, our dealers, and our customers. We hear their stories and learn from them. That, in essence is Bloomington Gold for us.” -Reeves Callaway, Callaway Corvettes
  • “I’ve been coming to Bloomington Gold for years now, and it’s a fabulous event. All the great Corvette people from around the country are here and everybody looks forward to June!” -Larry Sachs, Premier Corvette Collector
  • “I’ve been coming to Bloomington since I was a little boy with my father. It’s a gathering, a tradition, seeing all our friends… hugging, laughing, checking out parts, and enjoying yourself! That’s what it’s all about, that’s why I come!” -Lance Miller, Owner Corvettes of Carlisle
  • “We (Chevrolet) always bring the latest Corvettes,… but more importantly, we have fun. That’s the secret behind Bloomington – having fun." -Tom Hill, Retired Corvette Engineer Manager
  • “I’ve been coming to Bloomington for the past twenty years. Basically, it’s the biggest show and best show I go to every year. Its where you go to meet people and see the Corvettes.” -Ed Foss, Premier Corvette Collector

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