Join us for these FREE seminars during Bloomington Gold Charlotte. Check the event schedule for days and times.

CORVETTE POWER- presented by Bill Locke, Director Gold Collection Join us for some insight into the fine collection of powerful Corvettes on display in the 2017 Charlotte Gold Collection. The seminar will also discuss the history of high performance Corvettes and how specific Corvettes in the Gold Collection have contributed to creating this history.

CORVETTE PRODUCTION DOCUMENTATION& LEGITIMACY -Presented by Al Grenning, Director of Judging for Engine Stamps and Vehicle Tags This seminar will include an in depth investigation into the extensive study of the specific information associated with each of seven types of production documentation. Included for each type will be a study of: inventory sequencing, exception letters, dealer codes, dealer order numbers, St. Louis identification numbers, engineering revisions, production order errors and COPO orders. Also, as part of this topic, there will be an investigation of errors and conundrums seen on documentation during the 1965 to 1967 horsepower wars. This session offers unprecedented insight to understand what information was included on each document type and why.

GET THE DETAILS ON DETAILING YOUR CORVETTE- Erich Huber, owner DFT Details In this interactive demo, get some tips and insights into the do’s and don’ts when it comes to detailing your Corvette. Whether you detail your Corvette as therapy or for a purpose, learn how to safely remove dirt, the correct drying process and the final shine. This seminar will cover all the proper steps to follow to safely bring out the highest shine in your Corvette!