2017 Charlotte Gold Collection - Corvette Performance!

Continuing in the tradition of 25 years of Bloomington Gold Special Collection events, each Gold Collection showcases a special group of Corvettes. As we return to Charlotte you will see 20 special performance Corvettes, each representing the highest horsepower offered for their model:

  • the introduction of the V8
  • the first "Big Block" installed in a Corvette
  • the famous Rochester RamJet Fuel Injection models
  • the legendary L88
  • the LT engine series
  • the extreme performance Z06
  • and the super-tuner Callaway Corvette.

These top performers will show you why Corvette is "America's Only Sports Car!".

We appreciate the opportunity to present this special Corvette Collection with the Queen City Corvette Club, and our host, Rick Hendrick. Included in the Collection you'll see high scoring Bloomington Gold Certified, SURVIVOR and Benchmark cars, along with NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence winners.

GC image engine

The Corvette 427 CID L88 option, offered for 1967, 1968 and 1969 in very limited production quantities. Rated at 430 HP, the engine produced well over 550 HP. This is just one example of the fine Corvettes on display in the 2017 Bloomington Gold Charlotte Gold Collection.