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Thursday, June 23rd     Click here for Thursday course details
1:00 PM Getting Your Corvette Ready for High Performance Driving Paul Koerner Garage A16 Gold School Pass
3:00 PM Meet the L88 Pilot Corvettes in the Gold Collection Gold Collection Owners GoldCollection Free
Friday, June 24th        Click here for Friday course details
9:00 AM 1997-2013 Corvette; from Tires to Roof and Everything in Between Paul Koerner Garage A16 $50
10:30 AM Going Fast, and Learning To Do It Safe Ron Fellows Driving School Media Center GoldSchool Pass
12:00 noon Hagerty Presents a conversation with Dave Kinney, Featuring Jerry Burton: The Next Five Corvettes to Consider Jerry Burton & Dave Kinney Media Center GoldSchool Pass
1:30 PM Everything You Want to Know About the C5/C6 Corvette w/ Art Spong & Paul Koerner - Paul Koerner & Art Spong Garage A16 GoldSchool Pass
Saturday, June 25th     Click here Saturday for course details
9:00 AM C7 Corvette Stingray, Simplified!! Paul Koerner Garage A16 $50
11:00 AM Ladies Only: Everything Corvette with Paul Koerner Paul Koerner Media Center GoldSchool Pass
1:00 PM Got Questions? Corvette Q & A Session Paul Koerner SCG Garage GG27 GoldSchool Pass /Walk Ups