Friday, June 23 Gold School


Corvette from 1984-2004, Different, Yet the Same! (C4/C5 Diagnostics)
Paul Koerner, GM World Class Service Tech
Garage A16
The Corvette was completely redesigned from 1996 to 1997. however, much of the technology started in the C4 and was refined to make it substantially better when the C5 came into production. In this technically advanced seminar, Paul will discuss computer evolution giving owners the opportunity to get some hands experience on these vehicles. The computer architecture in the C5 Corvettes is in many ways the result of the C4 Corvette systems and how that generation aged remarkably well. From fluids to frame design, lessons learned made the C4 better as it evolved through the years and made C5 a world class Corvette. It is time for you C4 and C5 owners to get your hands dirty!

Inside Auctions and the Corvette Market 
John Kraman, Mecum Auctions
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Media Room, Media Center

John Kraman, the Director of Consignments for Mecum Auctions and commentator on Mecum Auctions’ TV broadcasts on NBC Sports Network, will provide his insight regarding the consignment process and as well as his recommendations about how to buy a collector car at auction. Whether you are planning to buy or sell a car at auction, or just want to learn more about the auction process, bring your questions to this seminar! This is your chance to learn the in’s and outs, do’s and don’ts of auctions from one of the auction industy’s most knowledgable people! Mecum Auctions will also have consignment agents on-site to assist with questions and registering your car for consignment at a future Mecum Auction. John Kraman was raised in automobile crazy Los Angeles during the 1960s and he never grew out of his obsession with cars. For the past 11 years he has been the Director of consignments for Mecum auctions as well as commentator on live TV broadcasts of Mecum Auctions on the NBC Sports Network. His personal collection of cars includes a 1964 Pontiac GTO, a 2014 Mustang GT, a 2010 Corvette C6 and he is looking at Hemi and Six Pack Mopars

C6 Z51, ZO6, ZR1, Grand Sport Classroom Hands on Class (C6 Diagnostics)
Paul Koerner, GM World Class Service Tech
12:00 Noon
Garage A16
Do you want to know about LS2, LS3, LS7, LS9? Transmissions, brakes, tires, electronics and basic things that you can do yourself? In this hands on/classroom setting, you will follow GM World Class Service Technician Paul Koerner through every aspect of Corvette ownership during the C6 (2005 – 2013) generation. Questions? We have the answers. Strange things happening? We can assist you in diagnosing any part of your vehicle. Bring your toughest problems to this class. You will not walk away without the answers!
Jerry Burton – My 10 Most Memorable Corvette Moments
Jerry Burton with moderator Jonathan Stein
1:00 pm Gold Collection, West Pavilion
Join Corvette Author and Hall of Fame Member Jerry Burton and Hagerty Magazine Editor Jonathan A. Stein as the pair discuss Jerry¹s top ten Corvette moments, which span almost 50 years. Already a Corvette fan by the time he was 18, that love was cemented by a Route 66 trek that Jerry and his older brother took from Wisconsin to California and back right after graduation. Since then, Jerry has racked up many Corvette adventures, which he¹s happy to share. 
1997-2013 Corvette, IN DEPTH, Q &A
Paul Koerner & Art Spong
IMS Media Center
Art Spong, Retired Brand Quality Manager for Corvette and Paul Koerner, GM World Class Service Technician team up for this amazing face to face discussion with Corvette owners as to on all facets of Corvette repair and care. Their combined knowledge base is among the most complete in the industry and can assist you with any aspect of Corvette ownership from 1997 - 2013.  Come with your most puzzling questions and get them answered!