GoldSchool for Thursday, June 23rd 
All courses, unless otherwise indicated, are free to attend!
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Getting Your Corvette Ready for High Performance Driving
Instructor: Paul Koerner
1:00 Garage A16
Cost: GoldSchool Pass (Free)

Corvette was NOT originally designed as a track ready sports car in 1953. Under the guidance of Zora, it has evolved into the premier road racing sports car with comfort as well as performance. When prepared to GM guidelines, it will deliver the fastest acceleration, the most cornering grip, the most track capability, the best braking performance of any Corvette ever produced. In this in depth track preparation seminar, we will discuss how to prepare your vehicle for high performance driving. Tires, brakes, wheel alignments and fluids will all be covered.

A question and answer segment will allow you, the Corvette owner, to get the in depth answer to any track preparation questions you may have.


Meet the Gold Collection L-88 Pilot Cars
Presented by : Owners
3:00 pm 
Location: Gold Collection Pavillion
Cost: Free

Be sure to be in the South Chalet as the 2016 Gold Collection is unveiled by their owners!


Chevrolet Technical Seminars
Instructor: Various GM Engineers
Various times throughout the weekend
Location: Chevrolet Tent