GoldSchool for Saturday, June 25th 

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C7 Corvette Stingray, Simplified with Paul Koerner
Instructor: Paul Koerner
9:00 AM in Garage A16
Cost: $50 and limited to 10 participants
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The advance technologies of the 7th generation Corvette provides the most performance, style, and premium comfort in todays sports car. Join GM World Class Certified Technician Paul Koerner as he guides you through the technologies that enhance the driving experience of Corvette. Paul will discuss the five-position Driver Mode Selector, the Infotainment System, the Active Fuel Management System and how all these systems interact. You will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your C7 in an open Q&A forum throughout the seminar. This small classroom style allows you first hand access to Paul Koerner and his wealth of GM training that has propelled him to the forefront of seminar presenters in the Corvette community. When registering you will be asked your VIN number. This will allow Paul to research the options on YOUR Corvette.  Class is limited to 10.


Ladies Only Seminar: Everything Corvette with Paul Koerner
Instructor: Paul Koerner
11:00am- 12 Noon 
Location: IMS Media Room
Cost: GoldSchool Pass (free)

Why is it when you walk into a service department, they think you know what they are talking about?  What does a worn brake pad look like?  How do I know when I need my transmission fluid changed?  Is there really an air filter for the INSIDE of the car? Bloomington Gold GoldSchool presenter and GM World Class Certified Master Technician Paul Koerner with the teaches ladies about vehicle maintenance and routine care in this NEW seminar for ladies only. Sorry guys, you’re not invited!
From advice on how to effectively communicate with your mechanic to a Q&A session of any questions you may have, Paul can help you feel more confident behind the wheel and under the hood of your Corvette! 


One on One with The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner 
Instructor: Paul Koerner
2:00 pm- 4:00 pm 
Location: Schultheis Garage GG27
Cost: GoldSchool Pass (free)/walk ups

Corvette has seen major changes between the fuel systems, engine controls and comfort and convenience over the years.  In this impromptu question and answer event at the Schultheis Garage and Classics  booth, featured guest Paul Koerner will be on hand to answer your questions on anything Corvette. Paul is fully trained by GM in all facets of Corvette repair from 1984 to to the new 2016 Stingray. Put his knowledge to the test on any subject topic and get your questions answered by this GM World Class Certified Master Technician.

Chevrolet Technical Seminars

Instructor: Various GM Engineers
Various times throughout the weekend
Location: Chevrolet Tent