Refund, Wait List & Letter of Credit Policies 



There will be no refundson any cancellation or withdrawal after a car has been placed in a class that is full.  

For all other cancellations of registrations:

          Prior to May 1st  -  Receive a full refund

          May 1-31           -  Receive a 75% refund

          June 1 & after    -  No Refund



A Wait List will be created for each class that exceeds the number of available positions to be judged.  

Once a Wait Listed car is moved off the list and into a judging class, it is considered entered and no refund will be given. 

  • Should a car remain on the Wait List, a written request to withdraw and receive a refund will be honored prior to or after the judging event.  This step will exclude the car from the Consecutive Year Advantage described below. 
  • The entrant may, instead of withdrawing, choose to request a Letter or Credit, which will apply the registration fee to the following year for the same car.  Should the car be placed on the Wait List a second time, it will automatically receive a position the third year.  The entrant must still register each year. 

LETTER OF CREDIT and The Consecutive Year Advantage

A non-transferrable Letter of Credit can be requested in writing for a car assigned to the Wait List.  The registration fee will then be applied the following year towards the registration of the same VIN# and the same owner.  This request can be made any time after the car is placed on the Wait List.

The Consecutive Year Advantage:  A car will be automatically entered in a class the third year it is registered if it has been Wait Listed for a second consecutive year and the entrant has received a Letter of Credit.  A car that was withdrawn and the fee refunded will not enjoy this advantage, even if the entrant re-registers the following year.  


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