Chip Mlller

GH. Chip Miller

Chip Miller

Collector / Enthusiast

Corvette Poster Boy

 Chip Miller’s boyish enthusiasm for Corvettes was contagious. He influenced literally thousands of people to want to become involved with Corvettes. Whatever Chip was drinking, others wanted a taste of it, too.

With a nearly permanent smile and engaging personality, he couldn’t contain himself. He would help others who were just getting started in Corvettes as well as helping his peers with equal or more technical knowledge than his. Miller was an astute business person and along with his partner Bill Miller founded Carlisle. But that really has no bearing on his induction into the Great Hall. Miller is inducted based solely on his personal contributions to the Corvette Phenomenon aside from Carlisle.

Chip Miller was a superb collector of important and historic Corvettes as well as a student of same. He loved to polish, tinker, and fiddle just like the rest of us. However, unlike some collectors reticent to share their knowledge or collections, Miller was an open book. No matter how busy, Chip would always make time for anyone.

Along with Bill Mock, Bill Locke, and David Burroughs; Chip Miller was one of the team that helped create Bloomington Gold Certification. And although always the nice guy, he could make the tough calls when necessary. With Certification sidekicks, Dave Walters and Bill Mock, the owners always left happy and understanding why the call was made.

Elliott ‘Chip’ Miller inspired us and made us feel good about what we were doing.