1987 Escort Racer

GH.1987 Escort

1987 Escort Racer

Bakeracing #4

Inspiration for the Corvette Challenge race series.

What do you do when the other kids don’t want to play with you?

Car #4 had that problem in 1987 when it won more than half (10 of 19) of the SCCA Pro Endurance Series. “That’s not fair,” squealed the competing Lotus, Porsche, and other high brow racing teams. From 1984 through 1987 Corvettes in Showroom Stock (SS) ran away with the ball time after time. With superior power, handling, and brakes, Corvettes never looked back. This did nothing for positive public relations with the competition, however.

Ditto within the Escort series, Playboy Challenge, Showroom Stock GT or Escort GT Endurance. The solution proposed to the SCCA by the other manufacturers was, “Make those Corvette people go away!” Remove Corvettes from the approved list of competitors. In other words, “Go play among yourselves.” So, they did!

Canadian John Powell created the Corvette Challenge in 1988. Nothing but Corvettes were eligible and $1,000,000 in prize money sweetened the incentive to entice big name drivers.

Bakeracing #4 retired in 1987 as undefeated champion and the inspiration for the Corvette Challenge era to follow.

Owner: Bob & Bridgette Tomczak