Reeves Callaway

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Reeves Callaway

Engineer / Pioneer

Mechanic with a degree in fine arts.

In the mid-eighties Chevrolet was looking for ways to obtain a higher performance Corvette. There was much enthusiasm for a twin turbo. The Corvette group look considered Callaway Engineering. They were completing a twin turbo program for Alfa Romeo and could be a good partner for the twin turbo strategy.

Corvette Chief Engineer Dave McLellan invited performance engineer and specialist Reeves Callaway to collaborate on the limited production venture. Imagine what the mind of a mechanic with a fine arts degree could dream.

Honored by the invitation, Callaway accepted. Customers wanting a Corvette that performed like a Corvette could now get one—for a mere $19,995 extra. Called the B2K option, the Callaway Corvette included twin turbochargers and upgrades in other engine components, brakes, and the cooling system. This option created a personality transplant within the formerly tepid C4 performers.

Reeves Callaway’s contribution is historically significant because it was:

·         The first attempt to rekindle Corvette firepower since 1972.

·         The first factory option authorized by Chevrolet to be installed outside Chevrolet.

The original run of 510 Callaways from 1987-1991 re-energized the Corvette’s brand association with “fast and cool.”