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Welcome Back Camaros!

We are excited to have you back again in 2022 as we go Back to Bloomington! We have a number of things planned for you this year, including the second year of Camaro Certification! In addition, we will have a Camaro display highlighting each generation of the Camaro. Don't forget Club Parking and the Gold Tour!

Camaro VIP Parking

As in past years, we will have special parking allocated just for Camaros. You will be directed to the parking upon entering the main parking lot. This is a great chance for attendees to see changes made to the Camaro body style through the years, plus learn a little about them as well as Camaro clubs to hang out together! 


Camaro Certification

Camaro Certification! For the second year in a row Bloomington Gold will certify Camaros!
Camaros will be judged using the same guidelines that are used for Corvettes: A GOLD CERTIFIED car appears as it would just after completion of "typical factory production."

The Camaro Certification team will be headed by Bill Nichols, former GM Engineer. If you have a Camaro that you would be interested in having judged at the Inaugural year of Certification this June, or have questions, please contact Bill Nichols at wrn63@att.net or 248.632.3138.

Camaro Collection

This year's Camaro Collection will be A Collection of the Camaro Generations. Be sure to stop by to see this special collection and see how the Camaro has changed through the years!

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