Mecum Kissimmee Auction Details

Auction Details, Ticket & Tour Information

This page will give you all of the information you need to attend the auction after Bloomington Gold Kissimmee, including how to take advantage of special ticket pricing that Mecum Auctions is offering Bloominton Gold attendees, as well as a free tour of the auction, from the Mecum Service Station, on January 11th.

Auction Tickets

Mecum Auctions is offering Bloomington Gold attendees the opportunity to buy a ticket to the Mecum Kissimmee auction for Thursday, January 11 at a discounted rate. 

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Auction Tour

Auction Tour

The tour will originate from the Mecum Service Station located on the Mecum Midway which is located in front of Silver Spur Arena. Tour lasts approx. 30 minutes and is open to any Bloomington Gold guest that has a ticket to the auction. Tour includes:

  • How to consign a car 
  • How to bid on a car 
  • How to settle up on a car 
  • How cars are placed and staged 
  • How to read info cards on the cars 
  • How to work with cars that haven't sold (Bid Goes On) 
  • Auction arena and how the process goes from selling to buying on the auction floor 
  • Mecum Sponsors
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