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For the second year, Bloomington Gold will certify Camaros.
Camaros will be judged using the same guidelines that are used for Corvettes: A GOLD CERTIFIED car appears as it would just after completion of "typical factory production." It means that a Camaro has been preserved or restored within 95% of the way it appeared when it left the factory – no better, no worse, no different. Bloomington Gold’s standards for authenticity and condition are clear – the goal is to attain historic perfection, not cosmetic perfection.


The Camaro Certification team will be headed by Bill Nichols, former GM Engineer. If you have a Camaro that you would be interested in having judged at the Inaugural year of Certification this June, or have questions, please contact Bill Nichols at wrn63@att.net or 248.632.3138.

For certification guidelines, please contact:
Bill Nichlols


Contact Bill Nichols with questions or to REGISTER at: wrn63@att.net or 248.632.3138

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