Top 3 Reasons to Certify Your Corvette

The first reason to have your Corvette Gold Certified are many, but the top and most popular reasons for doing so to confirms the cars authenticity as well as build intrinsic value. A Certified Corvette is confirmed to be in the upper range of values for a given year or generation of production.  Should you ever choose to sell the Corvette, it will be more desirable than those that are not Certified.  Other Corvettes without a Certification may be cosmetically appealing, but without the Certification it is not known if they are authentic.

Another reason to have your Corvette Bloomington Gold Certified is for pure fulfillment.  Knowing that your car has surpassed expert review and is deemed to be one of the most authentic Corvettes of its generation gives an owner true pride. When others see your Corvette with its Gold Certified front license plate and window sticker, you will be proud that they recognize the importance of your Corvette.

Finally, people have their Corvette certified simply because they enjoy the process. Maybe they had one certified in the past and have replaced it with something else and now they want to take the time to thoroughly inspect the car, prepare it, and go through the judging process for the pure enjoyment of it! 

Whether the Corvette in your garage is the purchase of a lifetime or one of many, going through the Bloomington Gold Certification process is both personally and financially rewarding!



The Value an Authenticated Corvette brings Buyers at Auction

Something all of us want when making a purchase, especially a large or expensive one, is that we get what we are actually paying for. In other words, we want what we are buying to be authentic. When we go to a jewelry store and look to buy a diamond, one of the key factors in making the decision to buy is whether the jeweler can prove that the diamond is in fact authentic. To the naked eye, a rock may seem like a priceless, rare diamond. Yet someone that is a total stranger to us, yet deemed an expert jeweler, can often look at the diamond and immediately determine if it is authentic and the value it holds on the market.

While jewelers have a process and even tools to prove that what they are selling is authentic, how do buyers of collectible cars get the same reassurance from the seller?

One way to determine the authenticity of a Corvette is to look at the certification that the car has received. This includes judging awards and proof of Certification to name a few. Exactly how does a Corvette receive these valuable and often prestigious recognitions? Through a very thorough judging process, such as the one at Bloomington Gold Corvettes. For example, at Bloomington Gold, judging is done on four sections of the car: the exterior, the interior, the chassis and the engine compartment. In addition, the fundamentals are judged which include manufacturer tags and numbers. These together all determine the legitimacy of the car. If the Corvette meets all of the set standards, it becomes certified. As a result, a Bloomington Gold Certified Corvette is recognized as a high ranking and authentic Corvette with the best “report card” of all the Corvettes, adding value to the car and putting it at the top of the list at the auction.

Before you buy your next gem, make sure what you are buying is authentic, and look for the awards and certification the Corvette has received. At auctions, cars will have their certificates and awards on display; most sellers even have the Corvette’s judging sheet available to review. The reason is simple, these awards and certificates ensure the buyer they are getting an authentic Corvette and they also ensure the seller they will get a higher sale price. Take the time to do a little research and see which of the Corvettes at the auction are certified and in the long run, the time spent will pay off in the value of the Corvette you buy! For more information, stop by the Bloomington Gold Corvette Corral at Mecum Auctions.

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